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Peugeot 508 battery

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Also See for Handbook - pages Ready to go - 13 pages Manual - pages. Page of Go. Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Summary of Contents for Peugeot Page 1 Handbook Page 3: Protection Of The Environment Welcome Thank you for choosing aa symbol of confidence, passion and inspiration For any work on your vehicle, use a qualified workshop that has the technical information, competence and equipment required, which a this handbook has been designed to help to make the most of your PeugeOt dealer is able to provide.

Page 6: Overview Overview exterior Panoramic sunroof SW Electronic key: Keyless the glass roof makes the passenger compartment Entry and Starting brighter and is fitted with an electric blind. Page 7 Overview exterior Front and rear parking sensors Motorised tailgate SW this system provides a warning when this system provides motorised opening and manoeuvring forwards and backwards by closing of the tailgate, by pressing a button.

Programmable heating warning lamp. Lighting of the indicator lamp indicates the state of the corresponding function. Deactivation of parking sensors. Adaptive lighting. Central adjustable air vents. Headlamp height adjustment. Passenger's airbag. Lighting and direction indicator stalk vent. Side adjustable air vents.

peugeot 508 battery

Page 11 Overview Page Eco-driving Eco-driving eco-driving eco-driving is a range of everyday practices that allow the motorist to optimise their fuel consumption and CO emissions.

Optimise the use of your gearbox Control the use of your electrical equipment With a manual gearbox, move off gently and change up without waiting.After all, with promises of all-electric motoring for everyone byand the complete elimination of fossil fuel use from this country by the end of the century, surely this is a backward step?

Technologically, perhaps so. Commercially, most definitely not. When Peugeot first introduced the RXH init was supposed to be the vanguard of a revolution.

A car with the twinned economy potential of a diesel engine and a hybrid electric powertrain, all wrapped up in a sleek-looking crossover 4x4 estate. It had 70mpg fuel economy. It had very few buyers, especially in Ireland where sales were notable only for their absence. A combination of high price, awkward robotised transmission and the usual poor real-world fuel consumption of a hybrid kept buyers away.

However, at the National Ploughing Championships earlier this year, Peugeot Ireland showed off a new RXH, similar in all respects on the outside to the old one — aside from having the same revised grille and lights as the rest of the range — but with something of a revolution in reverse underneath — this one was front-wheel drive and had just the diesel engine.

Entretien 508 HDI Peugeot FAP- 1,6L 112CH

Somewhere along the line, the hybrid batteries and electric motors had been quietly shoved to the back of the factory cupboard. It also has a staggeringly long list of standard equipment. The revised range as a whole has pulled off the same trick, offering a lot of kit for your money, but the RXH really seems to take the equipment biscuit.

Neil Briscoe. The new Peugeot RXH with a 2. Topics: Emma Toner Peugeot Ireland. More from The Irish Times Motors. Sponsored Keeping well in the coronavirus crisis. Yoga Lab: How to chill out and slow down. Yoga Lab: How to release stress and boost vitality. The future of energy looks bright. The ratings Top We count down the best cars for Sign In. Don't have an account? Forgot Password? Not an Irish Times subscriber?Offering a powerful and efficient driving experience with four driving modes.

Find out more below. Only customers qualifying for OLEV grant and standard installation will be eligible for the free wallbox home charging unit. Click here for more details. Full-electric driving is available in all these modes, depending on the battery's charge level and type of driving.

Standard, optional, or not available depending on the version. The "BRAKE" function slows the vehicle down without using the brake pedal by simply pulling the gear lever back. The charging flap provides a courtesy light, information on the charging status, and locking of the cable into the vehicle when the vehicle is locked. You will need to buy an accessory cable if you wish to charge from a domestic socket, as we do not recommend this as a daily charging solution.

Charging from a Type 2 Mode 3 dedicated electric vehicle charging point is the recommended way to charge your vehicle on a daily basis. This cable is provided as standard with the vehicle.

Speak to your local retailer for further information.

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The majority of public charging points in the UK are Type 2 sockets, which will charge your vehicle at the accelerated charge times listed, depending on the power of the charging point and your on board charger. For more information about public charging points found across the UK, visit www. Offer available in conjunction with all other Retail offers. One claim per person per vehicle purchase. Offer not transferable and no cash alternative. You can display specific information in the driver's field of vision on the configurable head-up display, especially:.

The plug-in hybrid range requires mains electricity for charging. Figures shown are for comparison purposes and should only be compared to the fuel consumption, electric range and CO2 values of other cars tested to the same technical standard. The figures displayed for the plug-in hybrid range were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. The high-voltage battery is installed under the rear seats, without affecting the car's spaciousness or boot volume.

Hybrid: switches from electric to internal combustion to optimise the use of these power sources. Working as an engine brake, it also charges the battery.

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The driver can select this function from the gear lever, in any of the driving modes. In all-electric mode, there are no CO 2 emissions while running. The charging cable is easy to stow away in a specific space under the boot floor. Return to top of page Return to top of page.Your shopping basket is empty. Peugeot car warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. We have created this Peugeot dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your dashboard.

You might need to buy a scanner online which will show Peugeot trouble codes and clear the warning light for good. If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your Peugeot we would advise you to go for the Peugeot iCarsoft cp V1.

Peugeot check engine warning light. If this engine symbol is illuminated on the dashboard of your Peugeot you should limit your driving and have the problem diagnosed as soon as possible. The most likely cause is a faulty sensor such as a MAF, camshaft, crankshaft, O2 sensor or ignition coil. Once the fault is fixed you can erase the fault code and warning light with the kit. Peugeot SRS airbag warning light.

The airbag warning symbol in the Peugeot indicates there is a fault within this system and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Generally it will be because of a loose connection in the airbag system or a sensor within the system has failed and needs to be replaced.

Once the problem is fixed you can use the kit to erase the fault codes, and turn off the airbag warning light on the dashboard. Peugeot ABS dash warning light. The ABS symbol may also appear at the same time ast the brake! Each wheel will have an ABS sensor.

It will give you a unique fault code, and also a short description. Once the fault is fixed you can use the kit to erase the fault codes and turn off the warning light on the dashboard. They could be related to things like engine oil level, saturation of particle emissions filter dieselthe power steering system, a minor electrical fault. Peugeot water in diesel warning light - this symbol indicates that water has managed to find its way into the diesel system and is a big risk to the efficiency of the motor.

You should have this looked at straight away by a Peugeot specialist or main dealer. From the point that this light first comes on - it indicates that you have between to miles before you will breakdown unless the system is topped up.

Peugeot 508 (2020)

Peugeot tyre pressure monitoring system - if this symbol is illuminated on your dashboard you should check your tyres and top of with air accordingly. Driving with over or under inflated tyres can lead to poor mpg consumption and compromise safety.

Have the vehicle checked over and repaired before you continue to use.The Peugeot is a large family car launched in October by French automaker Peugeotand followed by the SW, an estate version, in March It replaces the Peugeotas well as the larger Peugeotfor which no direct replacement was scheduled.

The front of the car was redesigned, and full LED headlights are now available. New engines were also launched, for example, a new engine, front wheel drive appeared for the RXH.

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The Peugeot got several international awards, like the Car of the Year in Spain award inNext Green Car Best Large Family Car [4] for "being spacious and well equipped, also noting that it represented excellent build quality and has the best fuel economy in its class" Peugeot 1.

Inthe Peugeot received a facelift that was marked by a vertical grill, and the inclusion of the Peugeot lion in the centre of the new grill. In addition, brought a new bhp 2. The saloon is 4.

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After a few initial leaked spyshots, the first definitive details and images leaked to the web on 12 July It was launched there on 10 August It is reported that Peugeot expects China to be the largest market for the car, at almost twice that of France. If predictions are correct, it will be the first time that the company will sell more units in a country other than France for a model that is available in Europe.

Peugeot has equipped the for the market in Europe with its HDI common rail diesel engines. The 1. Though this matches the Volkswagen Passat Bluemotionit features a slightly larger fuel tank which allows it to cover a slightly longer range of kilometres miles.

peugeot 508 battery

A modified air intake is the main reason for the improvement. The range also included PSA's HYbrid4 diesel electric hybrid powertrain, which reduced fuel consumption further, to 3. It comes mated solely to a six speed torque converter automatic gearbox which offers manual shifts via paddles or a central selector. From a system which rates to a maximum of five stars, the received a five star rating by Euro NCAP in The score was:. At the Frankfurt Motor ShowPeugeot revealed a hybrid-electric crossover estate de luxe variant of the To distinguish it from other models, the RXH features flared wheel arches, as well as a new color-coded grille with three columns of LED daytime running lights on each side.

The powertrain offers four working modes: AUTO, in which the vehicle strives for the best fuel economy, throttle response is slow and the automated manual transmission shifts early, furthermore the vehicle switches to ZEV mode as often as possible.

In this mode, the vehicle moves only via the rear electric motor and the performance is limited. If the driver presses the accelerator beyond a certain point, the HDi engine restarts automatically as to offer better acceleration and the vehicle goes to AUTO mode.

Auto Start Stop is available in all modes except for 4WD when the engine is constantly running so that the reversible alternator can top up the battery and provide constant rear drive.

The RXH was released in the beginning of Sources reported that the Peugeot SR1 would go on sale in KZD 1; Car dismantlers apply to all Dutch legal regulations and codes designed for car dismantlers. Dismantling companies that sell parts, can demonstrate by this level that they are a reliable place to buy used parts. For example; these companies meet all requirements to be partner of insurance companies. Peugeot 8D 2.

PeugeotYear of constructionPart number Is your Peugeot Battery Hybrid not among them?

Peugeot 508 Batteries (Hybrid)

Or are you unsure whether it is the right part? Toggle navigation menu. Javascript support is deactivated in your browser. This may cause inconvenience while using this web page. Edit search query. Filters Found 5. Media Alleen met media.

peugeot 508 battery

Price With price only. Year of construction Months of warranty 3 6. Brand of part. Amps 6 A. Part number. Classification code B2 C2. Model types. Autodemontagebedrijf van Boxtel Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland. VOF Nagele, Flevoland. Opdam Zwaanshoek Zwaanshoek, Noord-Holland. Snuverink Autodemontagebedrijf Borculo, Gelderland. Your command is being executed, please wait.

Used Battery Hybrid Peugeot 8D 2. Price on request Warranty 3 mo. Price on request Warranty 6 mo. Supplier Gebr. Price on request Warranty In consultation Supplier Fa. Submit a free request. Com uses functional and analytical cookies to collect information about your use of the website in order to provide you with an optimal user experience.

Do you not want to allow all types of cookies? Then choose Adjust settings. Or view more information. Accept cookies.Charging an Electric Car at Home. Workplace Charging Scheme.

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How to Charge an Electric Car. Peugeot are going through a strong period for their styling, and the is a particularly handsome PHEV saloon. Electric credentials show this is no token PHEV, commuting should be all-electric for most and there's performance enough to keep drivers engaged. The table below shows the estimated time to charge your Peugeot from empty to full. The cost of charging your car will vary between home, work and public chargepoints below are our estimates.

The cost of home charging will vary depending on your electricity rate. We take the average carbon intensity across the UK grid measured throughout to calculate the expected grams of CO 2 emitted per 1 km driven. The actual number will vary by region, when you charge e.

Charge at Work Charge at Home. Rapid charge: No. EV type: Plug-in hybrid. Overview Peugeot are going through a strong period for their styling, and the is a particularly handsome PHEV saloon. Charging Details Charging time for a Peugeot The table below shows the estimated time to charge your Peugeot from empty to full.

Find out more. Cost to charge Cost of charging a Peugeot The cost of charging your car will vary between home, work and public chargepoints below are our estimates. Place Avg. Recommended chargers and prices Place Product Price Home 3.

Performance mph 8.

peugeot 508 battery

Battery Battery size Insurance Insurance group Related Guides:. The most convenient way to charge your EV is at home overnight for a full battery each morning.

You can often top up for free when you are out and about at convenient locations including supermarkets and public car parks. Can be used in Scotland in addition to the EVHS grant to reduce the cost of a home charger with installation.

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